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Australia’s leader in breastpumps & breastfeeding accessories

Medela Australia was established in 2009, taking over from its distributor of more than 10 years. Thanks to its international reputation, expertise, knowledge and outstanding product portfolio, Medela has since secured its position as a reputable and trusted brand specialising in breast pumps and related feeding accessories.

Medela Australia's two business divisions; Breastfeeding – including Neonatal Phototherapy – and Healthcare Appliances, deliver unsurpassed quality and innovations to support both the consumer and health professional. The company is leading the way in medical advancements, providing some of the very latest technologies to support within these areas and is fast becoming recognised for its excellence across all three sectors.

As the only company to develop breast pump products based on research by the world's leading lactation experts, Medela breastfeeding has successfully developed the most technologically advanced breast pumps and is the first choice for health professionals worldwide.

Medela breast pumps renowned across the world

Research conducted by Professor Hartmann and his team at the University of Western Australia led to the development of Medela's revolutionary 2-Phase Expression® breast pump technology (stimulation and expression). This pioneering technology, which is unique to Medela's breast pumps, promises mothers the most natural pumping experience because it cleverly mimics a babies' natural breastfeeding rhythm. The 2-Phase Expression® results in faster let-down, increased milk flow and reduced pumping time.

Medela is committed to promoting the benefits of breast milk and encouraging long term breastfeeding. Through its extensive range of breast pump products and other accessories Medela provides real solutions for breastfeeding mothers to get over any hurdles in the early days and to support their long term breastfeeding goals.

“Medela’s Breastfeeding Group exists to enhance mother and baby’s health through the life-giving benefits of breast milk.”

View of Medela Australia building
View of Medela Australia building

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Medela Australia Pty Ltd.
3 Arco Lane
Heatherton VIC 3202

Tel. +61 (03) 9552 8600
Fax +61 (03) 9552 8699

Free Call 1800 787 345

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