Milk Leakage

Easy Expression Bustier

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Easy Expression Bustier

Breast and Nipple Problems

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Breast and Nipple Problems

Bra pads absorb milk leakage

Breastmilk can leak out during or between feedings, and this can happen at the most inopportune moments. Bra pads protect you and your clothes from unpleasant situations, and are comfortable and secure.

The circumstances and intensity of milk leakage can vary during lactation.

Find out which bra pads are right for you!


Medela Disposable Bra Pads
Medela Disposable Bra Pads

Disposable Nursing Pads

Designed to help you stay dry and confident

The disposable nursing pads are made of a super absorbent material which prevents milk leakage and maintains dryness - day or night.

The soft lining ensures comfortable feeling on the skin. Two adhesive tapes keep the pads in place which make mum feel secure and protected.

The nursing pads are individually wrapped for added hygiene and on-the-go convenience.

Medela Washable Bra Pads
Medela Washable Bra Pads

Washable Bra Pads

For minimal breastmilk leakage

Our washable bra pads are made from a special anti-microbial material which reduces the risk of odours and bacterial growth.

The bra pads have ultrasonically sealed stitching which prevents breastmilk from leaking out through the seams. The material is thin and breathable and this ensures your comfort.

Wash the bra pads at 40° to 60°C.

Medela Milk Collection Shells

Milk Collection Shells

Do you suffer from very excessive milk leakage?

If your breastmilk leaks very excessively, meaning bra pads are not enough, you can use our Milk Collection Shells. The soft silicon membrane is extremely comfortable because of its good fit. The Collection Shell can be easily emptied using the convenient spout in the shell.