Calma – Feeding Solution

The unique feeding solution for breastfeeding mothers who wish to pump and feed their breastmilk. more

Calma – Feeding Solution

Swing maxi

The new compact double electric breastpump Swing maxi is perfect for all mothers looking for a simple and time-saving solution. Ideal to increase milk supply and for daily use. more

Swing maxi

Every woman is unique - one breastshield does not fit all. This is why Medela offers a wide range of breastshields to meet every mother's needs.


Medela PersonalFit Breastshield

PersonalFit Breastshield

Medela's wide range of PersonalFit Breastshields allows mothers to choose exactly the right breastshield size for them to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency whilst expressing milk.

Find the right breastshield size for you:
PersonalFit Breastshields are available in five different sizes:

  • S (21 mm)
  • M (24 mm)
  • L (27 mm)
  • XL (30 mm)
  • XXL (36 mm)

For hospitals:
The Medela PersonalFit Breastshield in five different sizes is available for hospitals in multipacks of 25.

Medela Comfort Breastshield

Comfort Breastshield

The Comfort Breastshield is soft and gentle for the breast and areola. Together with the natural physiological suction rhythm of a Medela breastpump, it stimulates breastfeeding in an ideal manner.

The Comfort Breastshield is available in the standard size M (24 mm).