Special Feeding Devices

Best possible care for newborns

Natural breastfeeding is not always possible. Vulnerable newborns who are unable to feed at the breast are especially dependent on human milk. Medela Special Feeding Devices, in combination with empathic care, provide the best possible solution and help mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals.


Medela Supplemental Nursing System

Supplemental Nursing System

The Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) supports the unique bonding between a mother and her infant, motivating them to keep moving towards a more satisfying breastfeeding experience. This can be achieved by allowing the newborn to get any required additional milk while feeding at the breast with the SNS.

  • Enables mothers to breastfeed, when they would otherwise be unable to do so
  • Helps to stimulate mother’s milk supply
  • For infants with a weak suck or the inability to maintain vacuum
  • Trains infants to suckle properly
  • To feed adopted infants at the breast
  • For all nutritional feeds
Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder

SpecialNeeds Feeder

Designed for infants with cleft lip and palate and infants with neurological disorders.

The SpecialNeeds Feeder offers the following benefits for feeding your infant breastmilk:

  • Easy regulation of milk flow
  • Easy milk intake
  • No spillage
  • Takes less time for feeding

Easy regulation of milk flow
The one-way valve membrane between bottle and teat means no air can enter the teat. In addition to this, the SpecialNeeds Feeder has a slit-valve which enables you to regulate the flow of breastmilk, by simply changing the position of the teat in your newborn's mouth. Even if your infant only suckles gently, it is able to activate the breastmilk flow.

Support the fluid intake
Even with the gentlest suckling, the infant can be fed breastmilk, satisfying his natural suckling needs even though his suckling is too weak for breastfeeding. By squeezing the teat you can support the flow of breastmilk, so that it's easier for your newborn to drink.

For the very little ones: the Mini-SpecialNeeds Teat
A smaller teat is available for weak or preterm infants: the Mini-SpecialNeeds Teat. Simply replace the standard teat with the mini one.

Medela SoftCup Advanced Cup Feeder

SoftCup Advanced Cup Feeder

For short-term feeding of weak or preterm infants

The Soft Cup is the easiest way to feed your newborn breastmilk by using a cup. Its soft, spoon-shaped mouthpiece sits gently on your infant's lower lip. This means that your infant is spilling less breastmilk and you have more control over the amount your infant is taking.

Additional support
The SoftCup comes with an 80ml container so you can also feed larger amounts. Not a drop of the important breastmilk is wasted using the SoftCup and you can save precious time.

Medela Disposable Baby Cup Feeder

Baby Cup

For short-term feeding of weak or preterm infants

The Baby Cup is a low-cost alternative and is designed for the following circumstances:

  • Short-term feeding of small amounts of breastmilk
  • Feeding small supplements
  • Administering medication

Its graduation ensures you stay in control of the amount of breastmilk your newborn drinks.

Only available for hospital staff

Medela FingerFeeder


For infants that require small amounts of breastmilk, for medication and for suckling training

With the FingerFeeder it is possible to feed your infant small amounts of breastmilk and medication during the hospital stay. The FingerFeeder is attached to a syringe.

Soft material for gentle beings
The FingerFeeder is made from soft silicone which does not damage the newborn's mouth. By suckling on the finger during feeding with the FingerFeeder, the infant can satisfy his natural suckling needs. This means he is satisfied and settles down.

The FingerFeeder is also suitable for infants who are unwilling to feed at the breast. The FingerFeeder still helps them to learn proper suckling behavior.

Only available for hospital staff