We know what mothers and babies need. This is why we have developed a breastpump, in partnership with the University of Western Australia, which imitates a baby's sucking motion: the Symphony.

  • Practical: Safe and easy to use.
  • Efficient: Pump more breastmilk in less time.
  • Safe: Based on years of research and tests.
  • Flexible: Adapts to individual needs.

Symphony - a unique breastpump

The emotional closeness and relationship between mother and baby during breastfeeding is very special. It's no wonder then that mothers are reluctant to place their trust in a breastpump to express breastmilk. With Symphony, we have developed a breastpump that functions like nature itself.

breastfeeding mother with Medela Symphony breastpump
breastfeeding mother with Medela Symphony breastpump

Pump breastmilk safely and comfortably

The Symphony breastpump from Medela ensures that you can pump breastmilk comfortably thanks to its special Comfort Flow Zone. This is particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue. This makes it ideal for expressing breastmilk regularly over a longer period. Further advantages include:

  • Symphony can be used for both single and double pumping.
  • It is safe and clean because of its special overflow protection.
  • It is highly flexible, as it can be adapted to your individual needs.

Natural pumping with 2-Phase Expression

With the help of the University of Western Australia and our own experience, we have developed the unique 2-Phase Expression Technology, which imitates the natural sucking pattern of babies at the mother's breast. This stimulates the flow of milk, meaning that more breastmilk can be pumped in less time, a fact which studies and hospitals have confirmed.


Following the latest research results

Following the latest research results

Up to date: Following the latest research upgrades. Is getting sufficient breastmilk in an NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) a real challenge? Preemie+ Initiation Card more