Using the Preemie+

Preemie+ Initiation Card

With the Preemie+ Initiation Card you can ensure that there is always enough breastmilk available in the neonatology unit. more

Pumping Log for documenting lactation problems

The Pumping Log is designed for mothers of preterm babies using a breastpump. Additionally, this log can help nurses to solve potential breastmilk production issues before they become serious. more

2-Phase Expression

Babies intuition transformed into technological know-how more

2-Phase Expression

Support initiation using Preemie+

Preemie+ assists initiating and maintaining lactation in breastpump-dependent mothers with premature infants. For mothers who express their breastmilk after giving birth, the Preemie+ program is the ideal solution.


"On/Off" and "let-down" button.

Using Preemie+ correctly

You have achieved initiation once you have pumped off 20 ml of breastmilk in three sequential pump procedures. From now on you should use the standard program.

For the Preemie+ program, press "On/Off" and then, within 10 seconds, the "let-down" button.


Step 2 - Standard 2.0

Once you have expressed 20 ml of breastmilk 3 times in a row, please switch to the Standard 2.0 program. To do this, simply press the "On/Off"-button.

Medela Symphony breastpump
Medela Symphony breastpump

Continue to use Symphony's efficient 2-Phase Expression Technology.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact your lactation consultant or your doctor.