Thopaz. Functionality and simplicity.

Thopaz sets new standards in thoracic drainage therapy. Based on the patient's air leak, regulated negative pressure is applied close to the chest. A digital display shows actual and long-term data to allow for timely and objective decisions in chest tube management by healthcare professionals.

  • Early patient mobilization encourages quicker patient recovery after surgery.
  • Objective data helps to advance decision making for chest tube management.
  • Important monitoring functions provide peace of mind.

Thoracic Drainage

Thoracic drainages are used to remove air, liquids or solids that have collected there after injury, disease or surgery, from the intrathoracic space. more

Thoracic Drainage Research

Research shows that the objective data provided by the Thopaz thoracic drainage system may reduce both the length of drainage and the length of hospital stay. more


Accessories for Thopaz. more

Patient Story: Thorax patients no longer confined to bed

Thopaz gives patients new freedom after thoracic surgery. They are mobile during the entire treatment within the hospital. more

A digital display provides objective data in real time as well as a 24-hour graph of the air leak for easy tracking of therapy progress. The safety features of Thopaz include alarms that alert the nursing personnel for prompt intervention in case of irregularities.

Thopaz is a small, compact drainage system that offers unrestricted mobility of the patient.

Easy set-up and operation support the nursing staff in their daily work.