Human milk safety and infection control in the NICU

Human milk has potent anti-infective properties that help prevent the growth of microbes. However, due to the unique composition of human milk, a complex set of issues arises that places it at risk of contamination when it is collected, stored and handled in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Although the benefits of human milk far outweigh its risks as a source of infection, it is essential that the human milk pathway is optimised to ensure safety and infection control. Medela strives to provide knowledge and products that help to improve the human milk pathway in the NICU. We support NICU professionals with evidence-based solutions for the safe and hygienic handling of human milk.

Passionate about human milk

Medela mother holding her baby

Science and practitioners agree that human milk is the best nutritional source for infant growth and development, and breastfeeding is the most natural and safe way to provide it. More…