About Lisbon

Lisbon - the capital of Portugal

Lisbon is the largest city and the capital of Portugal. It is the residence of the government, and there are numerous universities in and around the city. One of the reasons why the city is the centre of the country in political, economic and cultural matters.

The city is situated in the midst of seven hills, not counting the smaller ones, and is located at the mouth of the Tejo river. In March, temperatures range between 10 and 18 degrees. The average sunshine hours are between 6 and 7 hours.

What to do

There are plenty of possibilities - we will introduce some of them.

City tram
If you do not want to climb the hills, use the famous tram number 28 and enjoy a ride through the narrow streets in the old town.

The National Titel Museum
It is one of the most important museums in Portugal. Discover unique collections and distinctive artistic expressions of Portuguese culture.

Pastéis de Beléme
The Beléme quarter is well known for beautiful monuments, museums and gardens. And you will be able to taste one of the most popular specialities of Portuguese pastry. The Portuguese custard tart originally comes from the famous Pastéis de Beléme factory, founded in 1837.

There are several restaurants in walking distance form the hotel – indulge in the Portuguese cuisine.