Breast and Nipple Pain During Breastfeeding – Prevention and Care

Date: To be confirmed

Introduction to the topic

Sore and sensitive nipples are one of the most commonly cited causes for new mothers to stop breastfeeding. We review how to identify causes and describe effective prevention and treatment methods.

Learning objectives

  • Identify frequent causes of nipple pain and tenderness while breastfeeding 
  • Describe effective prevention and treatment solutions for nipple pain and tenderness. 

Event details

Date           TBC

Duration    1 hour

Language  French

Time          TBC

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Annie Duchemin, Education Manager Maternity Care & NICU, Medela Canada

Education Manager Maternity Care & NICU, Medela Canada

Annie Duchemin is an Education Manager at Medela Canada. She has more than 30 years of clinical experience in the NICU/Paediatric and Acute Care settings.