PersonalFit™ PLUS

A whole new pumping experience personalised to you

Developed by scientists, tested with mothers, proven in hospitals1–3

PersonalFit PLUS doubel pump set disposable with Symphony pump

PersonalFit™ PLUS pump sets for Symphony® are a new innovation from Medela. Tested in three extensive clinical studies, they are proven to offer:

  • More milk: 11% extra after 15 minutes1
  • More comfort: natural, gentle pumping1,2
  • More efficiency: easy to use and clean3

If you want to know more about how PersonalFit™ PLUS can benefit you, our online magazine covers seven key areas.

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1 Prime DK et al. 6th ABM Europe Conference, Rotterdam, NL; 2018.

2 Clinical study. (NCT02492139). 2016

3 Clinical study. (NCT02496429). 2015.

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