PersonalFit™ PLUS Ready-to-Use disposable pump set for Symphony® Local contact

PersonalFit™ PLUS Ready-to-Use disposable pump set for Symphony®

The  PersonalFit™ PLUS Ready-to-Use disposable pump set for Symphony® has an innovative design clinically proven to help mothers express breast milk more effectively.1 It offers more comfort,1,2 and efficiency1 in a convenient disposable pump set designed for one-day use.

At a glance

  • Offers more comfortable,1,2 efficient1 milk removal
  • Can be used up to eight times within 24 hours
  • Quick and easy to assemble and clean
  • Formed at over 150 °C (302 °F) to destroy potential pathogens
  • Safe to use straight from packaging
A mother using a Medela one-day Symphony® pump set in hospital, being helped by a nurse

The PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set’s unique combination of features

The PersonalFit™ PLUS Ready-to-Use disposable pump set for Symphony® is part of the innovative PersonalFit™ PLUS range. All these Medela Symphony® kits have a breakthrough design, based on the trusted brand’s extensive research and expertise in breast milk removal.3

The fully rotatable breast shield’s features, including its oval shape and 105° opening angle, improve the way it fits to the lactating breast to promote gentle pumping.3 It comes in a range of tunnel sizes to help ensure optimum nipple fit.

In addition, the entire Medela pump set has fewer parts, which are larger and easier to handle, than those of standard pump sets.

Like all PersonalFit™ PLUS pump sets, the PersonalFit™ PLUS Ready-to-Use disposable pump set for Symphony® has overflow protection (also referred to as a closed system) for increased hygiene: a membrane within the connector helps prevent milk entering the tubing or motor during pumping. This means mothers can sit in a more relaxed position when expressing.

Advantages of using PersonalFit™ PLUS pump sets

The PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set has been clinically tested over more than 1,000 pumping sessions.

More milk: After 15 minutes of pumping, the PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set obtained 11% more milk than the standard design.1 There was also a 4% improvement in breast drainage1 – an important factor in maintaining milk production is to keep the breast well drained.4

More comfort: Mothers who compared their experiences of using PersonalFit™ PLUS and the standard design described PersonalFit™ PLUS as feeling more gentle and natural. In addition, 100% of the mothers who tested it gave the breast shield fit a positive rating.2

More efficiency: When healthcare professionals observed mothers using the new Medela pump set in hospital they recorded significant improvements in the cleaning and overall usability and handling of PersonalFit™ PLUS, when compared to the standard pump set. 

How to use the PersonalFit™ PLUS Ready-to-Use disposable pump set

The first time the Medela Ready-to-Use pump set is used, it can be taken straight from the packaging, after the user has washed their hands.

The user then just needs to slot in the breast shield, attach the tubing and screw on a collection bottle. The pump set is then ready to be connected to the Symphony® to start pumping.

The Medela pump set can be used by the same mother up to eight times in a 24-hour period, as long as it is disassembled, cleaned and dried completely after each use. Procedures may differ depending on local regulations and hospital guidelines: comprehensive details are given in the instructions for use.

Enhancing the Symphony® hospital-grade breast pump

When breastfeeding is impaired, using PersonalFit™ PLUS pump sets as part of the Symphony® system can help mothers to successfully initiate and build adequate long-term milk production.6–8 Together, they create a complete system for optimising breast milk expression, making more milk available when it is needed most. And the more milk infants receive, the greater the support for their health.9–13

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Medela PersonalFit™ PLUS for Symphony® Ready-to-Use disposable pump set  

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