Conventional hospital teats

Medela offers convenient teats that are immediately ready for single use, as well as reusable teats for multiple use. Both versions are available with light or medium flow.

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Benefits of hospital teats

Individual teats for proper feeding – Medela offers a wide range of teats for use in hospitals in order to feed babies. 

Benefits of single-use teats

  • Choose between light or medium flow
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Single-use only
  • Free from TPE, latex and BPA
  • Individually packaged
  • Box with 100 teats
  • Disposable products optimise hospital processes
  • No need for cleaning prior to first use
  • Support hygienic use

Benefits of reusable teats

  • Choose between light or medium flow
  • Teat and teat collar can be combined (available separately)
  • Autoclaved prior to first use and after every subsequent use
  • Multiple use
  • Made of silicone; latex- and BPA free
  • Pack of 25 teats
  • Long-lasting, designed for use by multiple mothers
  • Autoclavable
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