Medela Lactina Select Pump

Lactina breast pump

This traditional multi-user breast pump for hospitals and home rental is available in two versions: Lactina Select and Lactina Electric Plus. It can be used for single or double pumping.

Lactina breast pump

The Lactina breast pump has a proven track record due to regular use in hospitals and as a rental pump. It is available as the Lactina Electric Plus and the Lactina Select, both of which have individually adjustable vacuum levels and use the traditional one-phase technology.


Benefits of the Lactina breast pump

Both the Lactina Electric Plus and Lactina Select offer individual vacuum adjustment and are suitable for single and double pumping. The Lactina Select also offers pumping speed adjustment.

The accessories that come with the Lactina breast pumps can be used for manual pumping. 

  • Proven track record since 1992
  • Multi-user breast pump
  • Suitable for single and double pumping
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