What's new in this update

What is new in version 5.1.6 – 21.10.2021

  • Fixed problems that caused the timer to jump randomly adding time
  • Fixed problems with the timer losing sync when using the both button
  • App no longer crashes when deleting a connectivity session from the stats list
  • The volume in the bottle session can now be entered manually using the keypad
  • US users - App no longer crashes when entering an invalid phone number while selecting an address during account creation
  • When doing the first pumping session with a Freestyle Flex or Swing Maxi the app froze and didn’t show the save session button
  • The app updates now the stats list automatically after saving new connectivity sessions
  • Some users were assigned to a wrong country during account creation
  • Fixed an issue that occurred scrolling down the stats dashboard in the 7 days view
  • Fixed graphic problems when using small smartphones and big fonts
  • Fixed a time display problem on the sleep graph
  • Fixed graphic problems (the timer was shown on top of the notes) when using small smartphones
  • US users – The 24/7 Lactation Consultant now shows the correct contact information
  • Fixed a problem that made users get assigned to wrong markets

What is new in version v5.1.5 – 17.09.2021

  • Update focusing on fixing app crashes and bugs

What is new in version v5.1.4 – 08.09.2021

  • Update focusing on fixing app crashes and bugs

What is new in version 5.1.3 – 31.08.2021

  • Fixed the issue about the timer jumping randomly or adding time
  • The statistics screen has been redesigned. It now shows the list view (historic data) by default.
  • The list view in the statistics now shows all historic data at once (no need to select a specific date like before)
  • Editing a stored connectivity pumping session no longer crashes the app
  • Tapping the save button multiple times doesn‘t save the session multiple times anymore
  • Added breastfeeding and pumping buttons to the tools list.
  • Tapping on these new buttons doesn’t start the timer automatically. Also, it is now possible to do a breastfeeding session and pumping session at the same time.
  • Stop and save tracking session by tapping on save button (saves user one tap)
  • Breastfeeding & Pumping sessions – When selecting “Difficult” session, there is now an option to never show again the problem solving articles
  • The both button works now syncing sides in breastfeeding sessions
  • The weight and length WHO curves are shown in the Stats now by default
  • The L & R buttons have been localized in all languages
  • The pink active session banner is shown now in all main screens
  • Tapping on the baby name, age or picture on the main screen takes the user to the edit baby profile screen
  • Dark mode - improved the contrast/saturation of colors
  • Polish language support
  • Simplified new account creation
  • Tapping on last tracked items takes now the user to edit that event
  • Missing translations added
  • Fixed the problem about the unprecise volume slider
  • Volume field was hidden when the keypad opened
  • Shortcut to start pumping session from pump settings page

What is new in version 5.0.6 – 13.07.2021

  • When tapping on the diapers filter in the statistics the app crashed on some smartphones
  • The bottle feeding statistics dashboard shows now the total volume, not the average
  • The breastfeeding statistics dashboard shows now the total time, not the average
  • The pumping statistics dashboard shows now the total time, not the average
  • The statistics list view summary shows now the exact times as well as the relative times
  • We made it easier entering times manually inside tracking sessions
  • We corrected the problem about pump sessions adding up the duration of both sides
  • Tracking sessions are now saved using the starting time instead of ending time of the session
  • Corrected the problem that the app was not tracking when app was put in the background or the phone was turned off
  • Corrected the problem about notes not showing completely inside the details screen of a past session
  • Corrected a problem that stored Bluetooth breast pump sessions in the year 1970
  • Improved the stability and fixed other user reported crashes