Easy Clip Pumping Accessory

Medela’s Easy Clip converts your nursing bra into a pumping bra, making hands-free pumping quick, simple and discreet.


At a glance: Easy Clip Pumping Accessory

  • Clip-on design is quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Figure 8 front openings stretch so breast shields are simple to insert
  • Front pulls down either side for convenient breastfeeding access
  • Made from breathable, soft modal fabric for gentle feel on skin
  • Drops down fully for instant skin-to-skin contact with your baby
  • Adjustable under-bust band for great fit that adapts to your shape
  • Compatible with Medela nursing bras, pump sets and breast pumps
A mum using the Easy Clip Pumping Accessory to pump hands-free.

Fabric and Care:

  • 49% cotton 32% modal 19% spandex/elastane.
  • Machine wash hot, gentle cycle, only non-chlorine bleach if needed, tumble dry low, do not iron, do not dry clean.
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How to turn your nursing bra into a hands-free pumping bra

If you want to try hands-free pumping, there’s a quick and easy way to convert your existing nursing bra into a pumping bra. This hands-free pumping hack comes courtesy of Easy Clip, the latest hands-free pumping aid from Medela.

Using your hands-free nursing bra accessory

The Easy Clip simply attaches to your nursing bra clips, and is kept in place around the bottom thanks to an adjustable under-bust band. The band has four hook-and-eye fastenings, so you can continue using it as your shape changes. The Easy Clip Pumping Accessory comes in four sizes too, so you should be able to find the right fit for you – and if you also need help finding your nursing bra size, check out our article for advice.

Once the Easy Clip is on, lower your nursing bra cups beneath and slip your breast shields in place – the figure 8-shaped front openings stretch so this is a quick and easy process. In fact, you don’t even need to detach the breast shields from the pump sets and milk collection bottles while you do it, again saving time and hassle.

A discreet solution for hands-free pumping and breastfeeding

Because this nursing bra accessory attaches to the front of your existing nursing bra, you don’t have to take your bra off to use it – especially convenient if you’re out and need to use your breast pump. The Easy Clip’s versatile design also makes breastfeeding easier. The front panel can be pulled down on either side, giving your baby instant access, with plenty of skin-to-skin contact. It also means you can breastfeed from one breast while expressing from the other.

What are the benefits of hands-free pumping?

With your breast shields held in place by the hands-free pumping attachment, you’re free to operate your breast pump controls. Hands-free pumping makes multitasking easier too – when playing with your baby, eating, reading, or expressing at work, for example. And because the Easy Clip makes hands-free double pumping possible, you and your baby can benefit from more milk in less time, and breast milk with a higher fat content, too.1

Keeping your Easy Clip Pumping Accessory clean

Like all Medela nursing bras, pumping bustiers and accessories, the Easy Clip is simple to look after. You can put it in the machine at 30 °C (86 °F), just follow the washing, drying and colour-care advice on the pack.

All women are different and Medela embraces this diversity. In case you cannot find your size outlined on our size chart, we advise you to try the closest Medela size to your measurement.

Finding the right size

Easy Clip pumping accessory size table

 1 Prime DK et al. Simultaneous breast expression in breastfeeding women is more efficacious than sequential breast expression. Breastfeed Med. 2012 Dec;7(6):442-447.