Gold, silver and bronze – our products win over families and jury alike

The Bounty parents have spoken - after exhaustive trying and testing, the winning baby products of the year were voted for by real moms, babies and the Bounty panel of experts.
Gold, silver and bronze, our products win over families and jury alike

Coming out on top in Breast Pumps category, we also shined bright in New Product and Best Product for Moms categories, winning Silver twice and Bronze once. We are thrilled to share this news and recognition with you!

More than 41,000 Australian parents and a panel of industry experts cast their votes for a range of products, from diapers and car seats to strollers and breast pumps, rating each on quality, value for money, ease of use and innovation.

Products were put through their paces over a period of six months in three different settings: real-life situations, a retail environment and online. The products submitted were assessed on quality, value for money, user-friendliness and innovation.

We'd like to thank all the moms and families who voted, and the team at @bountyparents for presenting us with these fantastic awards! Winning at the Bounty Baby Awards is always a great honor and incredible appreciation from those who actually use our products. And we love that our products are not only considered high quality, but that we are also helping you moms and families out there.

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