Hosting the next generation at Medela

This year's Future Day – the Swiss version of Take A Child To Work Day – afforded youngsters a fascinating glimpse of their parent's or family relative's multifaceted workplace at Medela.
Medela Zukunftstag 2019

A busy schedule

Over 30 children visited the company's Swiss production and logistics facilities and its design and experimental workshop, enjoying a varied, exciting and educational morning.

At 7.45 a.m., the junior visitors arrived onsite to a welcome of hot beverages and pastries. Before long, they had said goodbye to their chaperones and the real program began with a short presentation about Medela and a trip to the 4-Towers plant. There, everyone had to disinfect their hands and put on a hairnet, as hygiene is critical in production. This being an exclusive tour, the youngest members of the group got to pack bottles and spare parts, and some helped repair a Swing Maxi pump.

The next stop on the tour was Sennweid, where the children were shown how the warehouse is set up and how products are distributed. The most popular attractions turned out to be the high shelves, the forklifts and, of course, the film-wrapping machine.

The group then returned to Baar and paid a visit to Medela's experimental workshop for a closer look at the work of the 3D printer. The morning tour ended with insights shared by a Medela product designer, who demonstrated what the CAD program can do.

Armed with countless new insights, the children spent the afternoon in the care of their chaperones to peek over their parents' or godparents' shoulders at work. By all appearances, it was an exciting first glimpse of Medela's workplace for them. For the Medela team, certainly, it was fun and inspiring to have them.