Medela debuts at New York Fashion Week

Rebecca Minkoff, fashion design powerhouse and CEO (and currently, a Medela breast pump user) invited Medela to be a category exclusive sponsor of her Fall 2019 show at New York Fashion Week. 

Rebecca Minkoff with baby


Highlighting the experiences of today's multi-faceted working mom, the designer's team created an attractive, purple-hued private pumping space for model and breastfeeding mom Mara Martin (pictured).

Along with assorted breast pumps and accessories (pictured), the Medela USA team provided messaging around its New Moms' Healthy Returns program and also gifted tickets to targeted NYC-area media to attend the event.

High-impact media and influencer coverage

This approach – and Medela's subtle, elegant presence in the show – delivered a powerful, positive impact on social media sharing around the event, making it one of the most covered elements of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019.

Media and influencers enthusiastically covered both Mara's breastfeeding and the presence of breast pumps and accessories, noting that the decision to partner with Medela underscored Minkoff's commitment to working women, including pumping moms. Minkoff herself said, "So many people came up and thanked me for this!"