Recognizing Earth Day and Medela’s Sustainability Goals

Investing in Our Planet Today for a Better Tomorrow

We recognize Earth Day and reflect on the steps we have taken to support this important observance celebrating our planet. Through Medela Cares, our corporate social responsibility program, and our Planet pillar, we remain strongly committed to positively impacting the environment and communities we serve.

As stewards of our planet and leaders in our industry, we recognize the effect our work has on the world around us. As proud members of the United Nations Global Compact, the programs supported by Medela Cares are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we are committed to promoting environmental stewardship and innovating with these sustainability goals in mind.

To learn more about our goals, visit our 2022 Communications of Progress report.

While we celebrate Earth Day, we understand these efforts are critical to ensuring a sustainable future for our planet and the communities around the globe that we serve. We look forward to continuing to invest in our planet today for a better tomorrow while making a positive impact on the environment around us.