Medela USA Recognized as a Valuable Local Business

City of McHenry Recognizes Medela for its Investment in the Community

Recently, Medela USA was recognized by the City of McHenry for serving American families for more than three decades from its head quarter office in McHenry, Illinois. This certificate is a symbol of gratitude from the community for Medela’s continued positive economic contribution as an employer and business.

The recognition event took place at Medela’s McHenry headquarters on Monday, October 12, 2020. Onsite attendees included  Executive Vice President Melissa Gonzales and Director Anita Matheson from Medela Americas leadership alongside presenting guests from the community, Economic Commissioner Steve Ranks, McHenry County Economic Development Commission Director Doug Martin and Coordinator Dorothy Wolf, with Molly Ostap from the McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce. See the post recognizing Medela USA’s investment in the community on the McHenry Market Pulse on Facebook.