New marketing guidelines aligned with our purpose: To enhance mother and baby health through live-giving benefits of human milk

Since 1961, Medela is proud to support breastfeeding and human lactation and we have made it our goal to enhance mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of human milk. To reinforce this commitment and ensure that our offering of products and services for mums and babies always promotes the benefits of breastfeeding, we have updated our marketing guidelines for feeding bottles and teats.

In line with the WHO code, Medela will never support, nor commercialise or promote breast-milk substitutes. Consequently, all our communication materials - whether written, audio, or visual about the feeding of infants and intended to reach mums will adhere to the following:

1. They will have a consistent and easily recognisable icon, stating ”Supporting the WHO breastfeeding recommendations” with a link to a dedicated webpage with more information and recommendations for customers, including the benefits and superiority of breastfeeding versus formula feeding, Medela’s goal for every baby to receive breast milk as long as possible and the recognition of the impact that the introduction of formula feeding can have on maternal milk supply.


2. There will be no idealisation of bottle feeding in any of the marketing materials dealing with feeding bottles and teats. This means that…

…we will not make any statement implying similarity with breastfeeding.

…the materials related to teats and bottles will not show babies drinking from bottles.

…storage bottles with milk will be shown in context with pumping.

Please refer to the complete documentation on our new Marketing Guidelines for feeding bottles and teats for more information.

As Medela supports families around the world, we will continue to carry breast-milk feeding bottles and teats in our product range. For families who rely on breast pumps, these products are an important part of their breastfeeding journey. As a research-driven company, we will further provide evidence-based information on the appropriate use of bottles and teats. By dedicating resources to developing evidence-based practices, we stand united with researchers, healthcare professionals, mothers and families who are doing everything they can to help mothers breastfeed and babies get their own mother’s milk.