#StrongerTogether- 1'371'027 kilometres against breast cancer

Building on 13 years of Medela support for Pink Ribbon Switzerland, 115 Medela employees and their families expressed their heartfelt commitment to combating breast cancer by joining the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk 2020 as #TeamMedela last Sundy. Covering an impressive 1'371'027 kilometres nationwide, individuals and small groups from all over Switzerland were able to connect virtually on their trek, proving that community engagement and solidarity with breast cancer patients and their loved ones is possible even in this time of social distancing - #strongertogether.

As the leading advocate for breastfeeding and human milk worldwide, Medela cares deeply about this issue and has an active role to play in the ongoing fight against breast cancer. In addition to being a vital source of nutrition and immune properties for babies, breastfeeding is also beneficial to the health of mums. Scientific studies have proven that long-term breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer – the longer women breastfeed, the less likely they develop breast cancer.

The annual Pink Ribbon Charity Walk is one of many inspiring events and activities this great organisation hosts to help raise public awareness about breast cancer and empower those affected.  #TeamMedela is proud to support this important cause, help raise awareness and show all those affected that they are not alone!