Recognizing World Heart Day and how we care

Using Heart for Humanity, Nature, and You
World Heart Day

Medela is proud to recognize World Heart Day and the importance of beating cardiovascular disease (CVD) for every heart. This year’s theme from the World Heart Federation is “Use Heart for Every Heart” and encourages people around the globe to consider how to best use heart for humanity, for nature, and for yourself.

We are proud to use heart every day as we care for moms and babies, patients, and healthcare professionals. Our commitment to using heart for every heart – in alignment with this year’s World Heart Day theme – is reflected in innovative solutions like the Thopaz+ Digital Chest Drainage and Monitoring System and ClotStop® coated silicone catheters, our comprehensive chest drainage solution for cardiac patients. Through our commitment to advancing research, observing natural behavior, and listening to customers, we understand that treating cardiac surgery patients requires focus on enhanced patient recovery and active drainage management.

See how Thopaz+ Digital Chest Drainage and Monitoring System makes a difference in a Cardiac Clinic in Bad Neustadt, Germany:


Today, as we honor World Heart Day, we extend our gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who care for cardiac patients every day. Medela also uses heart beyond cardiac surgery patients through Medela Cares, our corporate social responsibility program. More information is available in our Communications of Progress report.