Accessories for Fluid Collection

The Medela Fluid Collection Systems offer easy handling and provide hygienic, user-friendly and economic fluid management. Ancillary accessories complement the Disposable and Reusable Collection Systems.


Patient suction tubing PVC

  • A wide range of patient suction tubings with or without fingertip, different connectors and sizes are available.


  • the stable base for an easy and space saving fluid collection set-up.

Trolley small

  • for mobile use of the collection jars and accessories.


  • to protect from overflow, bacteria and to neutralise odours.

Clamp holder

  • to attach suction jars to standard rails.

Serial connection

  • for suctioning large volumes of fluid. With automatic switch from one liner to the other.

Auto-clavable suction jars 0.25 l and 0.5 l

  • for small amounts of suctioned fluids.

Vacuum tubing

  • made from silicone with a choice of port connections.

Change-over valve with clamp holder

  • for suctioning large volumes of fluid. With manual switch from one liner or jar to the next.

Disposable specimen cup

  • to collect tissue samples.
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