Medela Core Behaviors

Shaping our culture and creating a common framework for success

Put the customer first

  • Through listening to our customers, we gain a deep understanding of their needs, allowing us to exceed their expectations and intimately understand our markets.
  • We act with urgency, kindness and compassion to ensure that our customers have the best brand experience.
  • We understand that our customers’ trust is something that is earned, so we are relentless in our pursuit of quality and excellence, striving to create satisfied customers and lifelong brand advocates. This is a goal we all share and is directly tied to all of our actions. 

Take ownership

  • We embrace a culture of decisive ownership, where taking action is everyone's responsibility. We will make thoughtful decisions, considering different opinions, and then align behind a course of action and stand by that decision.
  • We understand our role in the organization, the vision for the future, and the immediate business needs, and we are empowered to take swift action. This means that we take calculated risks and will accept honest mistakes.
  • This is how we grow together as a team and as an organization. And we know that our work is not done unless the customer is satisfied.

Work as a team

  • Working together across functions and geographies makes us stronger as a whole and drives positive business outcomes.
  • By embracing unique perspectives, we foster an inclusive culture that embraces differences and attracts and retains the most talented professionals in our industry.
  • We work together for an environment where every person feels valued and has a voice and allows all employees to contribute and thrive with pride.

Be solution-oriented

  • We proactively address challenges, investing our time and energy in seeking pragmatic solutions rather than perpetuating issues.
  • We remain open-minded, bringing several potential solutions to any conversation aimed at tackling a challenge.
  • By engaging in candid, honest, and transparent discussions, we inspire each other, leading to the swift and efficient achievement of our goals to nurture health for generations.

Create engagement

  • United by a common mission, guided by clear expectations, and empowered by opportunities for personal growth, we foster an environment that engages our people while respecting their well-being.
  • We are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone feels valued and can thrive.
  • As one team, we can achieve our goals and deliver results through our passion and strong, dedicated performance.