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Medela recognizes the effect our business has on the world around us and the importance of innovation to advance sustainability and environmental stewardship. As our products and operations evolve, so does our responsibility to innovate with sustainability goals in mind. Medela’s commitment to innovation is that every new product developed at Medela must improve the lives of our customers and contribute to our sustainability goals.

Thomas Ertl, Chief Operating Officer Operations & Quality Assurance

"As our technology and products evolve, so does our environmental stewardship and global quality strategy."

Promote Environmental Stewardship

50% renewable energy in Medela owned and operated facilities 

In 2023, Medela participated in the SDG Innovation Accelerator Program for Young Professionals, a nine-month global UNGC training helping young professionals develop their skills and knowledge through workshops, peer learning and mentoring sessions. The five Medela Accelerators worked on a challenge aligned with the Medela Cares sustainability goals, designing a solution to transition to renewable energy sources in line with our 2025 goal of achieving 50% renewable energy in Medela owned and operated facilities.  

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Innovate with Sustainability Goals in Mind 

Building on the established baselines 2022, the Planet pillar team made progress toward the 2025 goal of minimizing the environmental footprint of packaging for all consumer products. 
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