Life's Little Treasures

Medela is incredibly proud to be a Corporate Partner of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. We are honoured that we are able to help the Foundation in the very valuable work it does to support the families of premature and sick babies.

Both organisations strive to find innovative solutions to ease the parenting journey, and are committed to providing information, education and support so that all parents are armed with the knowledge and confidence they need to make the best possible choices for their family. Together we hope to be able to reach even more families and help raise awareness of what being born premature or sick really means.

Life’s Little Treasures (LLTF) Breast Pump Program, presented by Medela Australia

As part of our commitment to support and empower parents on their NICU journey, we are excited to announce the launch of Life’s Little Treasures (LLTF) Breast Pump Program, presented by Medela Australia, to help support families in their feeding journey and giving their baby breast milk.

  • For parents of premature and sick babies, starting and establishing their milk supply can be extremely challenging, especially when faced with the unforeseen barriers that can come with having a baby in the NICU. For many parents, this means establishing their milk supply using a breast pump when their baby is too unwell or underdeveloped to establish feeding directly at the breast.
  • Mothers are also required to continue expressing milk both in hospital and at home for weeks, or sometimes months after their baby is born and are required to stay in hospital for medical care. But for some families, they are not financially able to purchase or hire a pump and therefore must face the difficult decision to stop expressing.
  • By partnering with our long-time Partner LLTF, Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Pumps will be provided to families in the NICU with no access to a breast pump, to help support them in their feeding journey, both in the NICU and beyond.
  • This program will be delivered, in consultation with and overseen by social workers and lactation consultants at partnering hospitals, to ensure LLTF’s services help those families who need them most. Currently, LLTF have partnered with Monash Hospital, Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital to deliver this program.
  • The program has been extended into 2023/24, where we have gone from donating 144 Breast Pumps to 278. 

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Medela to provide this vital support to parents of premature and sick babies" said Felicia Welstead, CEO of Life’s Little Treasures.
"This donation will make a significant impact on the lives of many families, enabling them to continue their feeding journey and providing the best possible start for their babies."

"We are honoured to support an organisation that that gives so much back to families and babies when they are in a time of need. Being able to support and journey this time with them is a privilege for us as we advance the Science of Care in Australia, and is why we partner with Life’s Little Treasures in the incredibly important work they do in this space also,” said Jarrod Percy, Senior Business Director APAC & Managing Director of Australia.

For more information on the program, you can visit the LLTF website.

Walk for Prems

Each year at locations throughout Australia, families, friends and supporters are walking and running to raise funds for Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. The money raised goes towards providing vital services to families of premature and sick babies. Medela are proud to support this event year on year to help raise the critical funds needed to support these families.

Jarrod Percy, Managing Director of Medela Australia about the partnership:
“Medela is incredibly proud of its association with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation. Medela strives to provide parents of pre-term infants with support, education and the best products to enable Mother and Baby health through the life-giving benefits of breastmilk.
Our goals for NICU align perfectly with those of Life’s Little Treasures as we both seek to champion parents and families of new babies who enter the world too soon. We are excited about our work with the team at Life’s Little Treasures as we collaborate together in partnership to better support those families who find themselves in a new world and on a journey, they did not anticipate.”

Together we can make a difference! Join Medela and other organisations & individuals to help us raise funds for families of premature and sick babies. Learn more at the Walk for Prems website.