The Nappy Collective

The Nappy Collective - a collaborative community initiative run by volunteers - started as a group of mums who found a handful of nappies that their toddlers did not fit into anymore. After considering the options of what to do with only six nappies - Pass them onto a friend? Keep them for the next child? Throw them out? What a waste! - they began to wonder if there were other parents out there that also had a handful or even half a box of nappies they were unable to use. What if we were able to collect all these left-over nappies and distribute them to families in crisis or in need? Collectively these handfuls of nappies could make a big difference.

In October 2013, the first Nappy Collective was launched via Facebook. Within two weeks, over 1500 nappies had been collected. The Nappy Collective was born!

Since then, the collectives have expanded around Australia, bringing total number of nappies collected to date to over 2 million!

Medela is proud to have supported the Nappy Collective as a drop off point for the last 6 years.