Medela understands that making significant progress towards the SDGs is an immense undertaking. Only with the support and partnership of other like-minded organizations can we drive change to improve long-term health and societal outcomes. We are committed to advancing these outcomes by supporting parents and clinicians by increasing access to breastfeeding and breast milk feeding resources, education and products. Our impact is amplified by partnering with nonprofit organizations around the world that share our goals.

Thomas Golücke, CEO of Medela

"We aspire to have a broader impact, going beyond our direct business, to serve those around us in areas that align with our expertise and our passion."

Fight Infant and Maternal Mortality and Malnutrition 

We have established two partnerships with a focus on education and training to support midwives with the goal to reduce maternal mortality. Through these partnerships, we strive to make a lasting impact by improving health outcomes. 

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  • Laerdal Global Health Partnership – Sub-Saharan Africa Region 

  • Wellbeing Foundation Africa Partnership – Nigeria 

Increase Access to Quality Healthcare, Education and Resources 

We understand that convenient and timely access to the latest credible scientific information is key for the ability of a healthcare professional to provide the best care possible to their patients. To date this year, Medela has provided education to 20,657 healthcare professionals (HCPs) through participation at conferences, as well as education events, e-learnings, and webinars. 

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  • Initiatives to Promote Breastfeeding and Protect the Most Vulnerable Infants 

  • Medela Education Initiatives