Ensure a successful transition from hospital to home

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The first hours, days and weeks are critical to building good milk volumes. If infants are not yet breastfeeding exclusively when discharged, it is important that mothers are given the right information to effectively continue increasing their milk volumes at home.

Which mothers and infants need extra breastfeeding and lactation support?

Infants who are not yet:

  • breastfeeding effectively ( e.g. sleepy infant requiring supplementation)
  • able to breastfeed (e.g. preterm infant who is being enterally fed)

Research recommends that for the first few days/weeks a multi-user hospital grade pump, like Symphony, with it’s INITIATE and MAINTAIN programs is used.

This supports the mother to build and/or maintain adequate milk supply until her baby can breastfeed effectively and exclusively.

Breastfeeding support, from hospital to home

Download this infographic guide which helps to identify the right pump for:

  • mothers who need to pump in addition to breastfeeding at home
  • mothers who need to exclusively pump for their infant at home

Further support for mothers

Here you will find our other infographics to help support mothers going home who need to pump exclusively or in addition to breastfeeding:


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