Meet our leadership team

Annette Brüls, CEO

“I believe that nothing starts with results, everything starts with people. People united behind a common purpose, passionate about a mission that not only guides, but inspires us. That's what defines Medela. Our mission is both noble and compelling: to turn science into care, nurturing health for generations. At Medela, every employee knows their impact: on our results, on the future of the company and, most importantly, on moms, families, patients and healthcare professionals worldwide. This is what sets us apart - passion and impact, fostered in an environment that values collaboration, equity, inclusion and respect"

Annette Brüls joined Medela AG as CEO in 2018. Prior to this, she held a number of global leadership positions in several multinational medtech companies, such as Medtronic and Abbott.

Annette Brüls is a member of the Board of Directors at Coloplast.

Helena Börjesson, CTO

“By fostering an environment where everyone understands our goals and is actively involved in the company's journey, we cultivate a culture at Medela that encourages collaboration, innovation and embraces new opportunities and emerging trends. This approach enables us to consistently pioneer, design and deliver high-quality, customized products and solutions that meet our customers' needs and enhance their experience, while furthering our mission of turning science into care."

Helena Börjesson joined Medela Group in 2023 as Chief Technology Officer. Prior to this, Helena held various senior leadership roles in R&D and product development at Boule Diagnostics AB, Ericson and Elektra

Thomas Ertl, COO

“At Medela, we are committed to continuous improvement in our operations to fuel growth, drive positive change, and constantly elevate our standards across the entire value chain. From sourcing and manufacturing to logistics and distribution, we focus on every link in this chain, not only to ensure a strong backbone and deliver high quality products and services. We also uphold responsible resource management and environmental stewardship while complying with various regulatory requirements that govern our products in the various markets.”

Thomas Ertl joined Medela Group in 2019 as COO. Before this, Thomas held a number of Operations, Quality and Regulatory leadership roles at Baxter and Gambro.

Urs Furrer, EVP International

“As the International team, we are privileged to serve diverse and multi-ethnic customers with exceptional products and services across more than 50 countries. We are focused on leveraging our diverse expertise, fostering strong relationships with our business partners and embracing cultural nuances to connect families and patients with our innovative solutions and improve health outcomes worldwide.” 

Urs Furrer joined Medela Group in 2014 and was promoted to EVP International region in 2021. Before this, Urs held various leadership positions at both Tecan and 3M.

Thomas Golücke, EVP Europe and America a.i.

“At Medela, we're committed to bringing the highest standards of quality, innovation and care to moms, families, patients and healthcare professionals while addressing the unique needs of our customers and embracing Europe’s rich cultural diversity. By staying at the forefront of market industry trends while remaining true to our heritage and engaging with our customers, our passionate team leads the way in advancingbreastfeeding and healthcare solutions, nurturing health for generations.”

Thomas Golücke joined Medela Group in 2014, serving as EVP Europe since 2018. Thomas has broad General Management, Sales and Marketing experience from previous roles at SmithKline Beecham, Novartis and Nycomed.

Nicolé Kettenus-Schwarz,   CMO

“Together with my team, we are passionate about bringing our mission of turning science into care to life: delivering innovative products and services that go beyond form and function, paired with research-based knowledge to support our customers through every stage of their unique journey. Our commitment to listening to and understanding our customers' needs, challenges and aspirations enables us to create meaningful connections and offer solutions that truly make a difference for moms, families, patients and healthcare professionals around the world.”

Nicolé Kettenus-Schwarz joined Medela Group in 2020, serving as Chief Marketing Officer since 2023. Nicolé has an extensive B2B and B2C marketing background, including holding several senior Marketing positions at Novartis, Sandoz and Mundipharma.

Johanna Leffler, CFO

“Medela is driven by a strong mission focused on research, innovation and care, brought to life by the dedication and skills of our 1,500 employees worldwide. In my role, together with my team, we go beyond traditional finance and IT management; we are integral business partners. Our focus is on providing guidance and insight, establishing governance and transparency across the organization, and building a resilient, state-of-the-art IT environment. These efforts create a strong and sustainable foundation for our business, vital to empowering our people and fueling Medela's ability to innovate, grow and nurture health for generations.”

Johanna Leffler joined Medela Group in 2023 as CFO. Johanna is an experienced financial leader with a track record of value creation, having served in senior leadership roles for global industrial companies such as Dormakaba and Holcim.

Martina Radzanowski, CPO

“For me, HR goes beyond simply providing tools, resources, and opportunities. It's about being a partner in the unique journeys of our people, guiding them to thrive and realize their full potential. At Medela, we foster a culture where every voice is heard and valued, and we're committed to creating a workspace where everyone can engage, grow, and make a meaningful impact by cherishing and embracing the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences each individual contributes.”

Martina Radzanoswki joined Medela Group in 2016 as Chief People Officer . Martina has a broad background in HR leadership across different industries, including at Franke and Gate Gourmet.

Michael Larsson, Chairman of the Board

Through advancing research, observing natural behavior and listening to our customers, Medela turns science into care, nurturing health for generations.

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