Webinar series on breastfeeding and lactation

woman sitting at kitchen table watching her laptop and writing notes

When coronavirus brought the world to a screeching halt in early 2020, we were required to cancel and reappraise our programme of face-to-face education events.  As the need for knowledge exchange was arguably more crucial then than ever before, we established a comprehensive series of online webinars in order to bridge the gap exposed with the cancellation of our in-person events.  This experience has shown us that these virtual meetings, which also help to remove the geographical distances between countries and continents, can support our educational needs in a great way.

The COVID-19 situation has brought about significant changes in clinical practice on the maternity ward that have impacted the breastfeeding mother and her child.  Moreover, there is the risk that some of these practice changes may endure beyond the pandemic timeframe, e.g. a shortened length of stay in the hospital after delivery, decreased parental presence at the bedside, lack of access to in-person pediatric follow-up and breastfeeding assistance and increased pressure on health care personnel.

These factors are known to negatively impact the initiation of the mother’s breastfeeding journey as well as its duration. Therefore, in order to address these concerns and adapt to the new paradigm, we have created this webinar series to provide you information and research results on breastfeeding, breast milk, safety and health of pregnant women, nursing mothers and their babies.

This dynamic online format gives us the opportunity to convene, ask questions and discuss ideas and approaches in a timely manner in order to improve our support to mothers to help them achieve their breastfeeding goals.  In addition, all past webinars can be watched or re-examined here if scheduling wasn't optimal the first time or if a second viewing is desired.

Click on the tab below to watch the webinar. If you would like to do the webinar as an educational course with quiz and certificate, please click here to access the Medela University