Protecting our planet


Medela recognizes the effect our business has on the world around us and the importance of innovation to advance sustainability and environmental stewardship. As our products and operations evolve, so does our responsibility to innovate with sustainability goals in mind. Medela’s commitment to innovation is that every new product developed at Medela must improve the lives of our customers and contribute to our sustainability goals.

Promote Environmental Stewardship

Emission Reduction

In 2021, Medela conducted an Operations Assessment Impact Matrix, a systematic assessment of our operations across key regions, to identify the greatest opportunities for change. The result of the impact matrix identified greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction as areas of priority for the future. In 2022, specifically Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions have been determined as well as two categories of Scope 3* emissions, Employee Commuting (Category 6) and Business Travel (Category 7).*

Learn more about:

  • Our Progress: Baseline Year
  • Scope of Calculations of Baseline Emissions
  • Scope 1 & Scope 2 Emissions
  • Scope 3: Employee Commuting and Business Travel Emissions
  • Business Travel Methodology
  • Employee Commuting Methodology

Innovate with Sustainability Goals in Mind

Reduce Environmental Footprint of Packaging

The findings of our 2021 environmental impact matrix assessment identified that packaging waste and packaging recyclability and recovery were priority areas for us to address and that baselines needed to be established before we could make progress in these areas.

Learn more about:

  • Global Retail Packaging Material Composition Baseline
  • Sustainable Packaging Pilot Highlight
Thomas Ertl, Chief Operating Officer Operations & Quality Assurance "As our technology and products evolve, so does our environmental stewardship and global quality strategy." Read our Innovation Sustainability Statement