Serving Society

At Medela, our mission is to improve lives through innovation technology and support services. As a global company, we aspire to have a broader impact, going beyond our direct business, to serve those around us in areas that align with our expertise and our passion.

We understand that these global challenges are immense and only through support and partnership with other like-minded organizations, can we drive change to improve long-term health and societal outcomes.

  • To fight infant and maternal mortality and malnutrition we will support and partner with leading institutions and nonprofit organizations.
  • To protect the most vulnerable infants, we will support leading scientific associations with the development of standard of care protocols and guidelines.
  • To increase global access to quality healthcare, education and resources, we will actively partner with local healthcare professionals around the world, including nurses, midwives and care givers.

Through these partnerships, as one Medela family, we strive to serve society by making a lasting improvement in the lives of families around the world.