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2023 Medela Cares Impact Report

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Dear Valued Customers, 

For more than six decades, Medela has been guided by the mission of turning science into care to nurture health for generations. In our third year since the launch of Medela Cares and as a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we are proud to present the progress in our sustainability journey through our 2023 Medela Cares Impact Report. 

Inspired by the UNGC priorities, as well as those outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Medela’s corporate social responsibility program, Medela Cares, focuses on where we can have the greatest impact in line with our business priorities and with the global topics of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption synthesized into our three pillars of commitment: People, Planet and Society. 

 Highlights from the 2023 Report: 

  • People: As part of our commitment to champion equity, we are proud to have global female representation of 60%, with a total of 52% women in leadership positions. Recognizing that equity requires a diverse and inclusive culture to thrive, we launched an Inclusive Mentoring Program LINC; a key initiative to foster inclusive leadership and mentor our future leaders, with a significant representation of women among its participants. 

  • Planet: We are excited about the progress made in this area, already exceeding our 2025 goal to reduce plastic packaging waste. We have also made significant strides in changing our cardboard packaging materials, resulting in a 51% reduction in CO2 emissions from retail packaging, and improving our use of renewable energy. In addition, our participation in the SDG Innovation Accelerator Program enabled five young professionals to drive innovation, designing a solution to transition to renewable energy sources to help us achieve our 2025 goal. 

  • Society: As we continue to nurture our partnerships with Laerdal Global Health and the Wellbeing Foundation Africa to fight maternal and infant mortality and malnutrition in under-resourced regions, we also understand the importance of increasing access to the latest scientific evidence in healthcare. Our Global Breastfeeding and Lactation Symposium Series connected more than 2,600 healthcare providers with expert knowledge in human milk and lactation. To date, we've educated more than 20,000 healthcare professionals through various platforms. 

The dedication of our employees worldwide towards making a positive impact is the driving force behind these achievements. Our collective efforts are not just about meeting goals, but about nurturing health for generations to come.  

For more detailed insights into Medela Cares and our initiatives or to access the full 2023 Impact Report, please visit  

Sincerely yours, 

Annette Brüls 

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