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Simple. Effective. Hands-free – Introducing Swing Maxi™ Hands-free Breast Pump

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Medela Expands Hands-free Range with Swing Maxi™ and Award-winning Collection Cups, Making Pumping Simple and Intuitive, While Offering More Milk and More Flexibility for Breastfeeding Families


Medela, a leading brand in breast pump technology and breastfeeding solutions, announced today the launch of Swing Maxi™ Hands-free, a smart double electric breast pump designed to make pumping simple, intuitive and flexible for breastfeeding families. The new breast pump provides a hands-free solution for double or single pumping, perfect for multi-tasking and families on the go.




The Swing Maxi Hands-free offers a smart, compact and wearable pumping solution that combines trusted Medela technology with the freedom to pump whenever and wherever needed. The lightweight and sleek design fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket and attaches to a lanyard for extra mobility, making it perfect for use at home or on the go. Mimicking baby’s natural sucking rhythm, the pump comes as standard with Medela’s patented 2-Phase Expression™ technology for comfortable and efficient pumping. With a built-in rechargeable battery and USB charging port, it provides up to 6 pumping sessions1 on a single charge. The pump features 9 adjustable settings controlled by 4 buttons, ensuring intuitive use and a personalized pumping experience.


Anatomically designed, ultra-lightweight and easy to clean: The new Swing Maxi Hands-free includes Medela’s wearable Collection Cups, uniquely anatomically designed to fit the breast shape and offering support for the lactating breast while enhancing effective milk expression and comfort. The Collection Cups feature Medela’s 105-degree breast shield angle design, scientifically proven to remove more milk than traditional breast pump shields. The transparent design ensures proper nipple placement, preventing rubbing and allowing moms to see their milk flow. The cups consist of only three parts, are dishwasher-safe and easy to assemble, making pumping less time-consuming. Weighing only 76g, the cups are amongst the lightest available and fit comfortably inside most nursing bras, making them virtually unnoticeable.2




Consumer testing in Canada and Germany involved around 150 moms, revealing over 92% satisfaction with comfort and milk output levels. Additionally, 95% of participants indicated they would recommend the Swing Maxi Hands-free to a friend, underscoring its effectiveness and user-friendliness.3


One pump, two ways of pumping – all connected: The Swing Maxi Hands-free offers the flexibility to switch between the included Collection Cups or the classic pump set (PersonalFit Flex™). It connects seamlessly with the Medela Family™ App via Bluetooth® 4, which offers personalized real-time tracking, dashboards, science-based content and smart tools right at your fingertips to help parents reach their breastfeeding and pumping goals.




“We are dedicated to ensuring that moms around the world have everything they need to support their breastfeeding goals. Our latest innovation, the Swing Maxi Hands-free, combines intuitive, smart design with proven Medela performance. With our award-winning Hands-free Collection Cups, moms can pump whenever and wherever they need, without compromising comfort or efficiency,” explains Thomas Golücke, CEO of Medela. “This product exemplifies our 60-year commitment to turning science into care, providing families with the best breastfeeding support.”


Accessible wherever mom shops – The Swing Maxi Hands-free breast pump is available for purchase through various online and offline retailers in the Americas starting in June, followed by Europe, Australia, and additional markets from July. Visit our global Medela website for more information.


Average pumping session length of 15 minutes
2 Sakalidis VS et al. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2020; 99(11):1561-1567 (Compared to 90-degree breast shields)
Based on consumer research conducted with some 150 moms in CAN and GER in 2024
4 Subject to market

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