Medela’s Sustainable Development Policy

Medela’s business and reputation is built on innovation and technology. Through our 60 years in business, we have grown through continuous innovation, learning from nature and investing in science to pioneer industry leading solutions. We are driven by excellence. Always seeking to improve and evolve our products, services and technologies to enhance the lives of our customers.

Each year, Medela’s innovations touch more than 15 million lives globally, influencing product standards across medical and consumer industries. Through thoughtful innovation, we believe that we can simultaneously improve lives and the environment. Our Sustainable Innovation philosophy inspires our employees to innovate with a focus on quality and improving the customer experience while minimizing our environmental impact.

Our innovation strategy looks at products holistically and is focused on recyclability and removing material waste from the supply chain. As our technology and products evolve, so does our environmental stewardship and global quality strategy. From components to finished goods, we are adapting our innovation process to meet the needs of our customers and the environment. This is how we ensure that every new product from Medela will be better for our customers and our planet.