Please find the current list of speakers and topics below

Dr Jacqueline Kent (AUS)    
The wide range of normal breastfeeding patterns and milk production

Prof Kevin Nicholas
Exploiting the evolution of lactation: a new paradigm for intervention strategies to improve health outcomes of preterm babies

Dr Subhash Pokhrel (UK) 
Making a business case for breastfeeding promotion: an evidence-based approach

Dr Daniel Munblit (UK)
Human milk immune composition: from simplicity to complexity

Dr María Carmen Collado (ESP)
Human milk microbiota and early gut colonisation
Assoc. Prof Donna Geddes
The impact of human milk on programming appetite control and body composition

Dr Daniel Klotz
The handling practices of human milk in the NICU

Dr Janet Berrington (UK)
Optimising feeding practices of human milk in the NICU
Prof Diane L. Spatz
Helping mothers of vulnerable infants reach their personal breastfeeding goals


We will have more details about our speakers in the upcoming weeks.

Subject to changes