Dr Daniel Klotz

The handling practices of human milk in the NICU


Dr Daniel Klotz is a full-time neonatologist and pediatric intensive care specialist and is heading a neonatal care unit at the Children’s University Hospital of Freiburg, Germany. He established a donor milk bank at his unit, one of only 18 of such repositories at that time in Germany where around 220 units are providing level II and level III neonatal intensive care. Daniel Klotz is initiator and member of the executive board of the German Donor Milk Bank Initiative (Frauenmilchbank-Initiative, FMBI), that is promoting the use of donor milk for infants born prematurely by coaching colleagues in setting up and maintaining donor milk banks and acting as political pressure group. His research interests comprise the handling practices of human milk in the NICU with an emphasis on pasteurization techniques and he is coauthor of the first national guideline for human milk handling of the German neonatal society which is currently being developed.