Dr Jacqueline Coral Kent, PhD

Breastfeeding with confidence – understanding normal breastfeeding patterns and milk production


Jacqueline Kent joined the Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group at The University of Western Australia in 1986, and completed her PhD in 1999 investigating the calcium content of breast milk. As a Research Fellow in the group she has been involved in investigating aspects of the biochemistry and physiology of breast milk synthesis and removal.One of the aims of the research group is to understand how the process of milk synthesis and removal works. This will provide an evidence base to improve treatment when difficulties arise in breastfeeding mothers, and encourage more mothers to breastfeed. She enjoys applying results of the research to inform and assist breastfeeding mothers.

Jackie has published 45 papers in refereed journals, as well as reviews and book chapters. She has been invited to present papers to scientists, breastfeeding counsellors, midwives and lactation consultants at local, national and international meetings.