Symposium 2023 China

Medela's breastfeeding & lactation symposium series 2023 China dates, 13-14 May

Lactation, Science and Care

Date: May 13-14, 2023 
Location: Hybrid Event - Beijing, China and virtual participation option  
Day 1: Workshops 
Day 2: Symposium with Live Streaming  

Registration closes on Friday, May 12, 2023 

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The China edition of Medela’s Global Breastfeeding and Lactation Symposium series and 2nd China Summit will be held in May, 2023. Over the course of two days, the world’s most influential human milk and lactation experts will share new insights, latest scientific evidence and discoveries. Our aim is to provide a platform for like-minded breastfeeding professionals to exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices. Whether as educators, obstetricians, neonatologists, healthcare providers, breastfeeding consultants, or human milk and policy experts, let’s unite to protect, support and promote breastfeeding in China.

This unique academic conference builds on a hybrid model: On day 1, a workshop around the China Breastfeeding Promote Project will be held in person. Select representatives from 5-10 demonstration hospitals will participate and explore promoting breastfeeding in different scenarios. On day 2, the summit will be held in a hybrid format, with all presentations streamed live, allowing healthcare professionals all over China to register free of charge and conveniently learn online about the latest research from regionally and globally renowned speakers and actively participate during the live discussions.

These globally recognized lactation and healthcare thought leaders will be accompanied by internationally renowned local expert speakers

May 13, 2023 



Select representatives from demonstration hospitals 

Breastfeeding Promotion Workshop 

Poster winners 

Poster Award Ceremony 

May 14, 2023          



Government representative (CMCHA) 

Progress of China breastfeeding promotion 

Lars Bode 

Lactation as a biological system: The dynamics of human milk composition

Donna Geddes 

Lactation as a biological system: The importance of dose

Cao Yun

The impact of human milk feeding on the outcomes of NICU premature infants based on clinical research in China



Diane Spatz 

A call to action: Improving human milk & breastfeeding outcomes by prioritizing effective initiation of lactation

Yu Hong

Quality improvement study on breastfeeding in mother-infant-separation dyads after standardized interventions

Yuki Takahashi

Effect of epidural analgesia on infant sucking and opportunities for improvement to achieve the standard of care for infants



Rebecca Hoban 

Initiation of lactation: Prophylactic lactation support as Standard of Care for mothers of NICU infants

Feng Qi

Clinical study on promoting breastfeeding of premature infants in China




Promote breastfeeding in China 

Please note that agenda is subject to change. 

Call for Poster Abstract submissions

All participants are kindly invited to present their research as a poster at the conference. Please note that only abstracts meeting the guidelines outlined will be considered for presentation.

To ensure all the submitted content is original and the poster authors own the content copyright or have evidence of permission for reuse of material in case they do not own copyright, you are required to check the appropriate box when submitting the abstract for consideration.

The maximum word count for abstracts is 2500 characters (incl. references, spaces and acknowledgements). All accepted posters will be uploaded to the Symposium platform by the Scientific Committee. In order to allow release of your electronic poster to the Symposium, you are required to check  the appropriate box when submitting the abstract for consideration.

Abstracts can only be submitted online via our Symposium landing page. Final deadline for abstract submission: Sunday, 2nd April 2023.

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