Leon Mitoulas, PhD

Global Director Medical Research at Medela AG and an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Molecular Sciences, The University of Western Australia.

Leon Mitoulas

Dr Mitoulas undertook his postgraduate doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Peter Hartmann at The University of Western Australia.  During this time his research focused on the lipids in human milk and their variation over the short- and long-term.  Since joining Medela in 2004, he has been responsible for coordinating and building the breastfeeding research team and portfolio at Medela AG with a focus on basic, applied and clinical research. Together with the research team at Medela, Dr Mitoulas is currently focused on exploring and understanding more about milk synthesis and removal, both by the infant and the breast pump as well as research exploring milk composition and the benefits to the infant, including the translation of these outcomes to better support mum and their babies.