Breast and nipple pain during breastfeeding – Prevention and care

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Introduction to the topic

We are pleased to invite you to Medela Italy's second Live webinar dedicated to pain in the breast and breast diseases, currently indicated by mothers as the main causes of interruption of breastfeeding.

Based on the scientific data we will deepen the current recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the conditions that they can affect negatively the outcome of the breastfeeding process.

Learning objectives

▸Breastfeeding interruption: main causes

▸ Breast pain: symptoms and pathologies

▸ Correct positioning and attachment to the breast

▸ Multidisciplinary interventions:

- emotional support

- interventions to relieve symptoms

- treatment of injuries

- personalized pharmacological treatment

- preserve milk production

Event details

Date           23 November 2022

Duration    1 hour

Language  Italian

Time          2:30 PM - 3:30 PM CEST

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This webinar is free of charge.


Riva Fabiana, Education Manager

Riva Fabiana, Education Manager

Riva Fabiana is Education Manager and has been working at Medela Italy since 2020. Graduated in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine, she earned a Master in Healthcare Management. She has experiences in research and taught Chemistry and Biology.