The science of human lactation – from discovery to translation

Whilst breastfeeding is the best way to feed our babies, babies have different patterns of feeding, all of which maintain the production of milk. Further we still do not have a deep knowledge of the anatomy, milk removal (by the baby and the pump) and milk composition.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

In this talk, Professor Geddes will discuss her research which uses the latest technology to investigate breastfeeding patterns, explore why some women feel pain during breastfeeding, and as well, understand how our vulnerable preterm babies feed at the breast.

She will discuss what to expect when breastfeeding, ways to overcome pain experienced during breastfeeding by some women, and will outline how milk changes in response to the mums and the baby’s health to protect them both. With this knowledge we can reassure or advise breastfeeding mums with more confidence along their breastfeeding journey.

This webinar is hosted by UWA and Medela AG as part of the UWA Research Impact Series.

Event Details

Date           24 November 2021

Duration    1 hour

Time          08:30 – 09:30 Central European Time (15:30 – 16:30 Australian Western Standard Time)


Professor Donna Geddes

Prof. Donna Geddes (AUS)

Professor, School of Molecular Sciences @The University of Western Australia

 Professor Geddes is internationally renowned for her novel work with ultrasound imaging that has revolutionized the our understanding of the anatomy of the lactating breast, milk ejection and blood flow, as well as the infant’s sucking technique, suck-swallow-breathe co-ordination, gastric emptying and body composition of both the term and preterm infant. She has since expanded her range of research interests to include the synthesis and removal of milk from the breast, the composition of human milk and its impact on the growth and body composition of breastfed infants, the investigation of HM metabolites and the search for biomarkers that are indicative of breast dysfunction.