American Moms are more committed to breastfeeding during and after COVID-19

New Moms’ Healthy Returns study shows US moms are more committed to breastfeeding when they return to work Post-COVID-19, but nearly half are concerned about workplace accommodation

New Moms’ Healthy Returns partners Medela and Mamava issued a press release sharing the results of a recent survey which found that more moms are breastfeeding now than before the pandemic and nearly 90% of currently breastfeeding moums plan to continue doing so when they return to work outside their homes.  

The findings were picked up in popular publications like The BumpMotherly and Vogue, reaching more than 104 million readers. Mamava CEO and cofounder Sascha Meyer told The Bump that thanks to the immune boosting properties of breast milk, it is not surprising many mothers are “even more committed to feeding their babies breast milk during this time of COVID.”  

According to the study, which was conducted in May and June 2020 and included nearly 1,400 new and expecting moms across the US, almost half of breastfeeding moms are concerned about workplace pumping accommodations due to COVID-19. Employers should take steps now to prepare for employees’ return to the workplace, such as providing sanitisation supplies and establishing clear sanitisation processes and dedicated spaces for pumping.

Download the full infographic here.