Thriving in a man’s world - Women in thoracic surgery: lesson learned from medical industry partners

Journal of Thoracic Surgery, July 13 2020, by Cecilia Pompili , Annette Brüls , Emily Elswick , Kate Masschelein , Leah Backhus

The Journal of Thoracic Disease asked Medela CEO Annette Brüls to share her experience as a female leader in the medical device industry in an article about the advancement and promotion of female thoracic surgeons through fellowships, mentorships and networking.  As a woman leader of an organisation dedicated to women’s health and a wife and mother who has pursued career growth alongside her maternal responsibilities, Annette is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities facing women in leadership positions in and outside industry.

The article reflects both Annette’s own passion for diversity and gender equality as a female leader at Medela and the company’s commitment to improving opportunities for mothers and women in the workplace through Medela Cares. Along with the contributions of co-authors Emily Elswick and Kate Masschelein, the outcome is an inspiring publication not only to thoracic surgeons but also to all women and men in business.

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