Medela Partners with The Wing to support Motherhood on the Move

Partnership supplies The Wing’s pumping rooms with Medela products

Medela announced in February its partnership with The Wing to supply all Wing pumping rooms with Medela products and co-host events throughout the year focused on supporting moms in every stage of life. The press release received widespread attention from market observers and mothers alike and was talked about on several local news stations.  

Writing for Jezebel, Tracy Clark-Flory commented that the Motherhood on the Move partnership highlights how often mothers’ need for lactation support is left up to companies to meet and how the politicisation of breastfeeding leads to a disparity in who can access comfortable lactation spaces.

Melissa Gonzales, executive vice president of the Americas for Medela said, “Today more than two-thirds of moms with young children are in the workforce. We can help women more confidently navigate motherhood alongside their careers and help them achieve their breast milk feeding goals by supporting the thoughtfully designed pump rooms at The Wing with Medela products moms know and trust.”

This partnership attracted extra media attention thanks to actress Blake Lively’s Instagram post of herself pumping breast milk at the Flatiron The Wing location Flatiron in New York City using Medela’s Symphony breast pump. The working mama’s Instagram post garnered an estimated 6.6 million views and was covered in People, Romper, US Magazine and HuffPost, which hailed her use of the state-of-the-art electric breast pump as “the ultimate mom flex.”