Medela sponsorship facilitates “raw, honest” conversation on breastfeeding in the workplace possible says Sophia Pelosi

Medela received special thanks from BlogHer writer Sophia Pelosi for making the “candid discussion on the realities of motherhood and the workplace possible” with Medela’s sponsorship of the #BlogHer20 Parenting virtual event in May of this year.

Dana Kirwin, Director, Employer Groups Medela promoted New Moms’ Healthy Returns as a valuable Medela resource for working mums during the “Bye Bye Balance, Hello Work-Life Integration” panel, saying her role at Medela “is to help employers do more for mums as they return to the workforce.”

Surgeon and mother Dr. Jessica Shepherd echoed Kirwin’s sentiments during the panel. “It’s not that we can’t do the work, it’s that we need some adjustment to the structure while caring for a new human. How are we making up most of the workforce when the workforce is not working for us?” Fellow panellist Mara Martin, who made headlines for breastfeeding while walking the runway, advocated for “normalising the motherhood, normalising the working mom.”

Pelosi lauded Medela’s positive impact on working moms’ wellbeing: “Every year, millions of moms rely on Medela’s technology to support their breast milk feeding journey — and Medela understands that supporting moms extends far beyond being a favorite breast pump brand among moms.”