The Parenthood Partner

Sara Deeter of American Health Leader interviews EVP Melissa Gonzales on Medela’s mission to help every woman in America along her own motherhood journey

The American Healthcare Leader asked Melissa Gonzales, executive vice president of the Americas for Medela, to talk about the importance of supporting motherhood in the workplace.

The profile piece highlights the company’s decades-long commitment to breastfeeding families in the workplace and beyond, and links to research and the known benefits of breast milk. Within the article, Melissa talks about the importance of programs like New Moms’ Healthy Returns, Medela Cares, and The Moms’ Room to support breastfeeding families. She also focuses on the passionate workforce within the Medela walls: “[Whether] they’re an engineer or a business leader, everyone at Medela shares a passion for women’s health and well-being as well as work/life balance. “Medela’s mission is very personal to everyone here,” Gonzales says. “We wake up every day knowing that we’re saving lives by going to work.”